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Screenshot of the alkasir main window

alkasir is a free software to bypass Internet censorship and monitor which websites are blocked. It can only run under Microsoft Windows and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework. With the .Net Framework included the download is about 30MB, without the Framework just 1.5MB. The current version is 1.2 from May 25, 2010. Its written by Walid Al-Saqaf and is mainly used in Yemen.

On the official website, the program is described as follows:

alkasir is a server/client implementation allowing the tracking, analysis, and circumvention of website censorship (filtering) all over the world. 
It utilizes clients to keep the list of blocked websites up-to-date and allows reporting newly blocked website hour by hour through its users, who are distributed across the globe.

It creates a local Socks5 proxy on "localhost" and port 8800, so you can use it with many different Browsers by just entering that information in the network configuration.