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To bypass Internet censorship you first have to know what kind of censorship you are suffering from.

Since there are various methods to block access (via Proxy or DNS for example) there are also various methods to bypass them (for example with a Webproxy). So you have to do some tests, depending in which Country are you located. Maybe someone of your country already edited the profile of your country and you can find all the information on that site.

Do you have to use a proxy server?[edit]

  • Look at the configuration of your browser:
  • Internet Explorer: Click on Tools -> Internet options -> Connections (Maybe you have to click on "advanced" or "LAN settings").
  • Opera: Click on File -> Preferences -> Network -> Proxy servers
  • Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies (Maybe you have to click on "view" if there is a direct connection).

Are ports blocked?[edit]

With a telnet-connection you can test for blocked ports. Just open a DOS-prompt (click on "Start" -> Execute, then enter "cmd" and type "telnet login.icq.com 80" to test the port 80. If you get some wired characters everything is fine. But if you recieve a connection refused or something similar the port is blocked by your provider. The server login.icq.com works on every port.

Are they using a keyword filter?[edit]

You can use the simple Kword website to test if your ISP (provider) is using keyword filtering or not.

What are the error messages like?[edit]

Most proxy servers identify themselves in the error-message, so try to access a non existant Internet address like http://www.skejsie283skj38.com/ and see if there is a line with the name of the program. Some browsers don't show you the real error-message so try various.

Sometimes the websites with the "Sorry, this website is blocked" message also tell you the name of the program (like Websense for example).