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Malware warning: Please read the UltraSurf discussion page first!
File:Freegate main.png
Screenshot of the Freegate main window

Freegate is a proxytool developed by DIT-INC to bypass Intenet censorship mainly in China and Iran. However, since it is available in English, it is usable for other countries as well. It is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

You can download the software at or after a search for "Freegate" on It is also possible to get the software automatically via email, just send a message to Since Jan. 01, 2009 only users from China will still be able to use Freegate free of charge. For non-China users, will be released a shareware version of Freegate soon. You get one single executable file which is only about 180KB small. The name changes always to get around filters. One example would be "fg677p148.exe" Just start the downloaded file on your desktop with a doubleclick.

Then you see the standard screen of Freegate and an automatically opened session of the Internet Explorer with the page loaded. This is a special URL ( is the IP address of your own PC) which only works when using Freegate. If it works you can be sure you are using Freegate correctly through an SSL encrypted tunnel. You can now start browsing normally using the automatically opened Internet Explorer to get around Internet censorship.

File:Freegate ie.png
Screenshot of the IE window of Freegate

In the "Settings" tab of Freegate you can choose between the languages English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Farsi and Spanish. With the "U" and "D" bars in the Freegate Status window you can see your upload and download traffic through the Freegate network. You can choose a different server in the "server" tab. Keep in mind that here the smaller the number in the "Connection Speed" row is, the faster the server.

If you want to use another application beside the Internet Explorer (for example the Firefox browser or the Pidgin Instant Messaging client) with Freegate you have to configure them to use the Freegate client as a proxy server: The IP is (your PC, also known as "localhost") and the port 8580.

The current version is 6.97 from March 1, 2010.