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OzymanDNS is a set of Perl scripts (open source) written by Dan Kaminsky in 2005. It was written as a sample implementation of a DNS Tunnel for the Blackhat Europe 2005 conference. So there exists only a 0.1 version. However, OzymanDNS is one of the most common programs to tunnel something (in this case SSH) over DNS. Other programs include DNS2TCP, NSTX, DNScat, iodine and PingTunnel/ptunnel.

The package includes:

  • aska.pl - DNS File/Stream Sender
  • droute.pl - Reliable DNS Transport for standard input/output
  • geta.pl - DNS File/Stream Receiver
  • glance.c - Some kind of library
  • nomde.pl - Experimental DNS Server

Install on a server[edit]

sudo ./nomde.pl -i tunnel.example.com.

where "" is your static IP and "tunnel" is kind of a password so that not everybody can use your DNS tunnel.

  • Add this
tunnel IN NS

to your Nameserver config file. If you can not edit it you can use the free service from dnstunnel.de.

Install on a windows client[edit]

Enter in the "Telnet command, or local proxy command" box:

droute.exe -r sshdns.tunnel.example.com

where "" is the IP of a DNS server, this one is from the ORSN project and you can use it.

  • Now go to the "Connection" --> "SSH" window an check "Enable compression".
  • Go to the "Session" window and enter "domain.invalid" as a domain name and 22 as the port.
  • Click on "open" and enter your username and password.
  • You are now connected via SSH to the server and can use the socks5 proxy to surf, just like normal Port forwarding.