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PHProxy is a webproxy written in PHP by Abdullah Arif to bypass firewalls and other proxy restrictions through a web interface very similar to the popular CGIProxy.

The server that this script runs on simply acts as a medium that retrieves resources for you. The only IP address shown will be the server's IP address so basically it is indirect browsing. The only catch is that the server has to have access to those otherwise inaccessible resources. The PHProxy needs less cpu power and ram than the older CGIProxy (programmed in perl) on the server it is running and so since about 2 years it is more popular. However with a PHProxy you can not login to websites like MySpace or Facebook.

The latest version is 0.5beta2 from January 20, 2007. As of September 7, 2007 the owner gave up the active development. He later (December 10, 2007) posted a statement on the website that his decision was made because he feels it immoral to provide such a service since the vast majority of people use it only to surf porn.

In 2008, Phillip Sacre made a fork on Google code which he called php-web-proxy and in 2009 someone published a mod of phproxy with YouTube support named phproxyyoutubemod.

List of PHProxies[edit]


  • Remove client-side scripting (i.e JavaScript)
  • Allow cookies to be stored
  • Show images on browsed pages
  • Show actual referring Website
  • Use ROT13 encoding on the address
  • Use base64 encoding on the address
  • Strip meta information tags from pages
  • Strip page title
  • Store cookies for this session only
  • hide ip
  • Proxy address