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A Socks proxy is a special kind of proxy server in the ISO/OSI model it is a layer between the application layer and the transport layer. The standard port for Socks proxies is 1080 but they can also run on different ports. Many programs support a connection through a Socks proxy. If not you can install a Socks client like FreeCap, ProxyCap or SocksCap which can force programs to run through the Socks proxy using dynamic port forwarding. It is also possible to use SSH like OpenSSH as a Socks proxy server.

List of Socks proxies[edit]

Different versions of Socks:[edit]

  • Socks 4
  • Socks 4a (support for DNS resolution through the Socks proxy)
  • Socks 5 (support for UDP and IPv6)

There exist various Socks servers (like WinGate for example).

To use a chain of various Socks proxies you can use the program SOCKS chain