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Tor (The Onion Router) is a free software project used to surf anonymously. It can be compared with JonDos (formerly JAP) and is also a very good way to bypass Internet censorship.

The Tor network is based on about 2000 servers from all over the world which are run by volunteers. You can download and install Tor on your favourite operating system such as: Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Then, connect to the Tor network and use that connection just like a normal Socks proxy in your web browser.

It is possible to visit normal websites like But Tor has another function similar to the peer-to-peer program Freenet: you can publish information anonymously. A intern "onion" URL looks like this: http://www.2evy5quvwdyiyuqr.onion/mirrors/bypass_censorship.html.

The traffic is encrypted from your client to the exit node, so your ISP cannot see what web sites you are accessing. On the exit node, the traffic is decrypted, so the owner of the exit node can view your traffic.

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